Xmas and New Year

They are appearing every year and going away as fast as they came.
For some it is a festive time, for others days off and for many hard work.
For me it is a festive time with nice food, its preparation, shopping, family gathering, presents, Christmas tree and a rest.

Lots of people do the New Year’s resolutions but most forgets about them within few days or weeks. They talk a lot how better it going to be, how much we will do and how better we will become. I never done anything like that in my life before.

This time it is different. I stated what I’m going to do, where I’m going to be same time next year. I’m not telling you, today it is a secret which I will share in 2012 when achieved 🙂

For now, I wish you all that in the chase of your goals you persevere and never give up!

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