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Scam warning over land investment promises

Published by All Voices
on Saturday, 5 March 2011 by Ethel Smith
The UK has been dubbed by many, “rip off” Britain. Somewhere along the line the traditional British values of decency and fair play have gone astray. That is not to say that every person in the UK is dishonest. Far from it. However, a rip off culture seems to be thriving in some parts of the UK community.

The people who perpetrate such scams and rip offs have no moral decency. They do not care if their victims are old, vulnerable or poor. As long as easy money is to be made the scammers are happy.

The latest scam involves investment into land ownership.

Cold callers, that is door to door salespeople …


Your Home Could be Stolen

Published by Express
on Sunday, 6 March 2011 by Tracey Boles
CRIMINALS are taking advantage of changes in the law to transfer the ownership of land and property to themselves.

They are easily able to do this because land certificates have been abolished and all property titles in England and Wales are published online.

Many home owners may not even be aware that a fraudster who has impersonated them in a form of identity theft has stolen the rights to their property until it is too late.

Solicitor Patrick McCloy, said …

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