Property outperforms commodities in confidence survey

Published by OPP on Saturday, 28 May 2011

Confidence in property investment has reached eight-month high says the Worldwide Property Group.

“With the commodities markets looking decidedly shaky, property is once again increasing in investment popularity,” the Worldwide Property Group told OPP this week.

Results from the company’s April UK Confidence Tracker Survey reveal that 80% of people rank property as their number one investment of choice. This is the highest figure since August 2010 and the second highest figure since the survey began in August 2009.

Now that Silver has lost a third of its value in recent weeks, and substantial declines have taken place in many other commodities including Copper, Nickel and Tin, “investors are looking for a steadier and safer place in which to put their money,” says WPG. “Four out of five people surveyed believe this to be property.”

Gold took second …

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