Private property rental demand increases

Published by Property Community
on Thursday, 23 September 2010

It has fallen from 3.6 weeks to 3.2 weeks compared with the previous quarter, the latest figures from the Association of Residential Lettings Agent (ARLA) show.

The average number of new tenancies signed up compared to the preceding survey has also increased in line with seasonal trends. ‘The rental market is incredibly strong at the moment for those working within the industry,’ said Ian Potter, operations manager of ARLA.

Average void periods for rented residential properties are already short with nearly eight out of 10 ARLA member offices reporting averages of four weeks or less per year. The South East has experienced the lowest void period at just 2.9 weeks compared with 3.3 weeks for Central London and 3.4 weeks for the rest of the UK.

Private property rental continue …

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