Alternatives to double glazing

Nice solution if properly fitted. However, … there is one small flow; no day light if you want to keep warmth inside.

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Sarah Lonsdale on Tuesday, 02 Nov 2010
Katy Duke and her husband Richard Swann live in a converted Victorian school house in Frome, Somerset. A beautiful historic building made from the creamy local dressed limestone, it does, however, retain its features of a large, draughty central space and long windows to allow light into classrooms built before the days of electricity.

“We have lived here for over 20 years and have always struggled with heat loss through the windows,” Katy says. “Last year, we decided we couldn’t continue heating the garden, so replaced some of the single-paned windows with double-glazed fixed units. However, some of the windows are beautiful Victorian sashes with original glazing – it’s uneven and one pane has a scratched signature on it – I like to think it was a bored schoolchild.”

Katy and Richard decided …

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