Sell Your Home Quick

By Tomas

There are thousands of sites and advisers with perfect tips and recommendation on how to sell your home quick. Some will be similar one to another some will be contradictory. Some may advise solution which they prefer and offer on their site and some other may point you into direction which doesn’t apply to you.

Most advisers are be biased, by default. The reason is obvious – anyone giving an advice wants you to use their services and there is nothing wrong with that.

But regardless of what they say you will find few tips below that always do the work.

  1. Check with an agent and/or online for the potential value of your home, get the near the highest figure for similar house in similar condition and take 15-25% off that price. This could be painful but you will attract more potential buyers. Remember? We are talking about how to sell quick.
  2. Set your mind for sale – this is a box, an item for sale and it has to look good. From now on, think of your NEW house as your home.
  3. Clean-up the front of a house off anything that spoils the view. Make it nice and tidy. Mow the lawn, trim the bushes and remove the weeds and any unnecessary item(s). If you have in front or at the back of the house, gnomes or something like that take them out as well.
  4. Do the same inside. Remove any obstructing view and/or space pieces of furniture, equipment, devices, gadgets or things that are gorgeous but you want take them with you. Less clatter the better. You can hire self-storage for anything you want to keep but is not necessary in home for quick sale. It has to look like someone is living there.
  5. De-personalize – I mean remove anything that makes you feel well and ‘homy’. This could be family pictures, decoration, figurines, books anything you love. You can replace some items with similar looking but those that you have no emotion attachments. Put it simply – de-clatter
  6. Do minor repairs such fill-in wholes, repaint the walls with neutral, light and pastel colours, repair broken taps, cabinet doors, clean carpets, take heavy stores off the windows and clean them too. If there are any remove spider nets too.  Move around remaining furniture to maximize space. All points from 3rd up to here will make you house look fresher, bigger and full of light.
  7. Before any viewings turn on all lights in the house and refresh the house by opening windows. The house will fill and look brighter and more friendly.

On the other hand, if what you want is just to sell you home quick and as it is and you don’t want to be bothered, keep the price low or in other words put your property on the market well below its market value, +/-30% less than agent’s or RICS valuation. You will sell it in no time.