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Housing Building Falls To An 88-Year Low

Published on 21/02/2011 By Tomas

  In the contrary to the previous post the fall in house construction can have balancing effect on price fall. They could even go up rather then fall. Again, read and make your own decisions.   Published by Sky News on Friday, 18 February 2011 by Goldie Momen Putrym   The number of properties built […]

UK risk of property double dip increases

Published on 13/10/2010 By Tomas

Published by Belfast Telegraph Thursday, 7 October 2010   The world economy faces a marked slowdown later this year with “persistently high” unemployment and the UK runs the risk of a “double dip” in the property market, the International Monetary Fund has warned. As the fund and the World Bank prepare for their annual meetings […]

UK rental property market surging as lack of supply pushes up prices

Published on 06/10/2010 By Tomas

Published by Property Community by Ray Clancy on Tuesday, 05 October 2010   A surge in demand for rented property over the summer in the UK has outstripped rental supply, new research shows. Tenant registrations soared over July and August, finishing 47% up on May and the number of potential renters in August was up […]

Private property rental demand increases

Published on 28/09/2010 By Tomas

Published by Property Community on Thursday, 23 September 2010   It has fallen from 3.6 weeks to 3.2 weeks compared with the previous quarter, the latest figures from the Association of Residential Lettings Agent (ARLA) show. The average number of new tenancies signed up compared to the preceding survey has also increased in line with […]

U.K. House Prices Decline

Published on 10/08/2010 By Tomas

By ILONA BILLINGTON   LONDON—U.K. house prices fell in July for the first time in a year as the number of new properties for sale outpaced demand from more cautious buyers and further price declines look likely over the coming three months, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors said Tuesday. A separate survey of retail […]

Owner of London’s Regent Street May Revive Plan to Sell Stake

Published on 15/07/2010 By Tomas

Bloomberg – 15 July 2010 Editors: Andrew Blackman, Ross Larsen The British monarchy’s property manager may revive a plan to sell a stake in Regent Street, in the heart of London’s West End shopping district. The Crown Estate, which oversees real estate that the monarchy handed over in 1760 in exchange for annual payments, is […]

Hometrack: House Price Growth Slows Further In June

Published on 28/06/2010 By Tomas

Source – iMarketNews.com LONDON (MNI) – Growth in UK house asking prices slowed further in June, rising only 0.1% month on month and up 2.1% year on year, housing market intelligence company Hometrack said. In May, prices had risen by 0.2% and by 2.0% on the year. Growth in demand, in terms of new buyers […]