Two cheers for Cameron’s housing speech

Published by Conservative Home on Monday, 02 March 2015 by Mark Wallace
terraceIn recent months, we’ve asked a number of times what the Conservatives are offering to young voters. In the ConHome manifesto the top priorities in policy terms are Homes, Jobs and Savings, but within each we urged policymakers to focus their attentions particularly on those who are worst off, with the most limited opportunities. Very often in modern Britain those people are the young, and we should address their needs.

It’s a healthy thing to do electorally, as well as socially. Two fallacies plague the debate about generational politics. First, simply pointing to low turnout rates among younger people as a justification for not doing much for them is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Inaction on the part of politicians is only going to reinforce the idea that there’s no point in voting, …

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