Damp is number one turn off for UK house hunters

Published by Property Wire on Friday, 03 April 2015
A bit of Dump?Damp, poor maintenance and a lack of parking top the list of UK house hunters’ biggest turn-offs, according to new research which is published as the spring house season begins.

Damp patches staining walls and ceilings are the biggest problem for potential home buyers according to a new survey commissioned by Gocompare home insurance.

It found that 67% of people would be deterred from buying a property which showed signs of damp. Others include poor maintenance, wooden windows, no garden, stone cladding and nasty odours.

Some 60% would be put off by windows being rotten or in a poor state of repair, 55% by no parking, 54% by no garden, and 53% by smells caused by pets, damp, food and cigarettes. Some 53% would also be put off by unfinished building work.

Poor natural light and dark rooms …

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